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Vision Studios is the creation of artist, photographer, writer & teacher Tim Skipper. The mission of Vision Studios is to create an environment that allows creativity to flow and develop. It does not matter if the creativity comes in the form of an illustration, photograph, or written word. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that everyone learns and grows. 

Artist, Photographer, Writer, Teacher

"One of my favorite parables is the parables of the talents. In the story, a great ruler gives three servants talents. To one he gives five, to another two, and finally to the third he gives one. He then leaves on a long journey. Upon his return, he calls in the servants to see what they have done with what they were given. The one with five had turned them into ten, the one with two had turned them into four, but the one with one had hidden his away and only had what he started with. The parable says the ruler became very angry and threw the one out of his palace. I love the story because it shows the importance of developing what you have. For years I focused on my photography and ignored the other abilities I had. Recently, however, I've begun to realize the importance of developing and using all the talents you have. This website now covers all the things I do. I want to share my gifts and hopefully help others find theirs. I don't want to see anyone thrown out because they hid the gifts that are in them." - Tim Skipper

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